Motorcycle Business: What do motorcycle importers do with the motorcycles they can’t sell?

If you have been in the motorcycle business for years you know that there may be times when you can’t sell a certain model of motorcycle.

In this case, it becomes inevitable to get rid of that motorcycle. Motorcycle importers have allies who buy the motorcycles they can’t sell.

There are companies around the world that will handle the purchase of the stock you can’t sell. They help you with all the paperwork and the transportation process. This is a great advantage for motorcycle importers because they don’t have to waste time waiting for a motorcycle that is just taking up space and collecting dust to sell. For a company to be successful it is important to keep inventory in constant rotation. Otherwise, cash flow stagnates and expenses will empty your bank account.

Is it worth losing money when selling a motorcycle?

When you need to get rid of certain motorcycles that you can’t sell it is very likely that the company that buys them will offer you a similar or lower price than what you initially paid for them. While some motorcycle importers may think this is not ideal, you really need to look at the bigger picture. If you keep a motorcycle in your store that you can’t sell, it will take up the space of one that could be sold faster.

In addition, that motorcycle requires constant maintenance. Motorcycle importers prefer to sell it at a lower price in order to replace it with a model that is more in demand. Sometimes, market conditions allow the new motorcycle to be sold for a price that makes selling the old motorcycle profitable.

An advantage for motorcycle importers that you didn’t know about

In addition to helping you get rid of those motorcycles you can’t sell, these companies can also help you get new models of motorcycles. In fact, sometimes it happens that motorcycle importers use motorcycles as a form of payment to buy other models that are more in demand by their customers.

If you look at it from this point of view you create an alliance with a company that not only helps you with what you have leftover but also helps you with what you lack. The motorcycle importers of the world manage to keep their business moving by using this technique. Over time they gain a better understanding of the market and end up buying more motorcycles that are in high demand.