October 1, 2022
The trend of Used Car Prices Appears for Covid-19

The trend of Used Car Prices Appears for Covid-19

The trend of Used Car Prices Appears for Covid-19

Used car: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred in Indonesia since 2020 has hit all lines of industry. The Indonesian automotive sector is no exception, both new and used car sales.

Andry Ciu, Director of PT Lucas Digital Indonesia, said the used car market at the beginning of the pandemic did experience a decline.

In fact, people in Indonesia still worry about the emergence of the virus that came from China, therefore the price of these four-wheeled vehicles is still experiencing a very sharp decline

“If you look at the trend in used cars, the price was destroyed in 2020 during the first pandemic. Until, in used cars, the term Covid-19 price appeared,” said Andry when met in West Jakarta, recently.

However, at this time, the price of used cars has gradually recovered or increased. Although, it has not yet reached the point before the pandemic or 2019.

Likewise with the market itself, which continues to improve from year to year.

“When the price of new cars drops in 2021 because PPnBM prices for used cars actually increase. Not to be expensive, but a price correction from a fairly sharp decline in 2020,” he said.

Meanwhile, the used car market itself still has the opportunity to continue to grow. Dominated by family cars and SUVs, now people have also started to hunt for these ready-to-use vehicles, especially before Lebaran and holidays.

Buy a car through the app

Seeing this, PT Lucas Digital Indonesia also dared to present online car purchases, which they can also do in big malls.

Customers can easily find out the price of a car with transparent prices, a fast and safe process. Not only used cars but new car purchases are also provided, as an extension of the official dealers of various manufacturers.