The benefits of a massage

A good manual massage can play a crucial role in relieving back pain. In the same way, a good massage chair is designed to relieve and relax the back, to a certain extent, without the intervention of a third person. Intimacy, practicality and time savings are the main reasons why many people use a massage chair to relieve their back pain.

In-depth research has shown the three central reasons why massage brings benefits:

 It improves venous and lymphatic circulation – Handling muscles increases blood circulation, which facilitates the circulation and absorption of nutrients into muscles and tissues. Increasing lymphatic circulation cleans these areas of their toxins. The whole revitalizes the massaged area.

It reduces tension and improves flexibility -The massage helps release tight and wrinkled muscles. Stretching and kneading problem areas also allows the muscles to relax.

It increases the amount of endorphins – surely the most beneficial aspect of massage. Endorphins are the molecules of “well-being” that run through the body. Increasing their quantity therefore leads to positive results. Other benefits include increased endorphin levels, rapid recovery, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety.

These benefits work physically and psychologically to help reduce the common symptoms of back pain. Following the study of the human body and the analysis of its reactions, many VIP Massage Chairs have been developed in order to offer similar benefits.

At present, the most effective massage techniques imitated by armchairs are those of Shiatsu.

Shiatsu uses pressure, sweeping, tapping, stretching and rotating. It has the characteristic of releasing tensions in specific places of the body.

Of course, a mechanical substitute can never reproduce the exact sensation of human contact, but armchairs begin to approach it. Over the years, chair designers have focused more specifically on the elements needed for a massage chair to relieve pain in the back and neck of the wearer.

Benefits of a Massaging Armchair

Let’s see together the benefits you can get from a quality massage chair.

A massage chair offers an effective massage

Most people have never used a VIP Massage Chairs and have no idea how they work. They have been around for years and are sophisticated devices in the form of an armchair. Many of them are produced in Japan. Sitting in an armchair and being massaged is a really great feeling.

Inside the chair, there is a series of engines (often between 2 and 6) and computer software that runs the program you choose. The whole body can be massaged in 20 minutes, more or less.

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