October 1, 2022
Mechanics Is: Task, 4 Must-Have Skills

Mechanics Is: Task, 4 Must-Have Skills

Mechanics Is: Task, 4 Must-Have Skills

Mechanics is an absorption word taken from the Dutch language. According to the KBBI, a mechanic is defined as a person whose job is to install, and repair damaged motorized vehicle engines, and so on.

Many people think that a mechanic only fixes a damaged motorbike or car, or just tunes up a vehicle that has been used a certain distance. However, the duties of a mechanic are much more than stated. For that, see more below.

Mechanic job

The job of a mechanic, in general, is to install, repair, etc., damage motorized vehicle engines, and so on. Well, here is the job of a mechanic.

1. Diagnosing the malfunction

A professional mechanic will start his job by asking about the complaints you have about your vehicle. This can be from the AC that is not hot enough, the car engine making a sound, or the engine light that lights up on the car dashboard. Then, an experienced mechanic will try to diagnose the damage so that the vehicle does not need to be completely disassembled, but only on the parts that are deemed necessary to be checked.

2. Make repairs

After dismantling the problematic parts, mechanics will check on the spare parts used. If there is damage and requires repair, the vehicle owner will be notified in advance, especially if this repair costs a lot of money. Sometimes, repairs can no longer be done so you have to buy new parts. Make sure you always do regular maintenance so you can minimize incidents like this.

3. Informing the condition of the vehicle the company and consumers

Before carrying out certain repairs, some repair shops require a mechanic to confirm the work to the company and the customer so that there is an agreement and there are no problems. Information on the company can be in the form of ordering spare parts needed. Meanwhile, information to consumers can be in the form of processing time, up to information on the availability of goods and the required price range.

4. Educate usage

Different users, different ways of using it. After the final check and the vehicle is in good condition, the mechanic will return the vehicle along with the keys, as well as tips and tricks for the use and maintenance of the vehicle. They also need to inform the estimated next periodic service so that the vehicle is always in top condition.

4 Skills a mechanic must have

After knowing the duties of a mechanic, in this section, we will discuss the skills that a mechanic is must-have. If you are looking for a job as a mechanic, understand this section thoroughly, yes.

1. Basic knowledge of vehicle engines

As a basis for carrying out the work, a mechanic must have a basic understanding of vehicle engines.

This can start with the vehicle parts and their functions. You can gain this knowledge if you graduated from a vocational high school majoring in mechanical or automotive engineering.

2. Repair and replacement of damaged parts

Being able to disassemble, repair, replace, and reassemble all important parts of the vehicle is a must-have skill for a mechanic. Then, this skill will feel more and more as time goes by Remember that “practice makes perfect”.

3. Computer use

The automotive world is growing and the vehicles that need repair are not only those that run on gasoline. Now, there are many cars with blue number plates which indicate that the car uses electric fuel. Of course, this type of car is getting more sophisticated. Cars that already have advanced features need sophisticated tools too to be able to check them. Currently, we really need a mechanic who has the ability to use computers and software, this ability supports mechanical work

4. Communication

All lines of work require good communication, including mechanics. Apart from the need to report structurally to superiors and the company, a mechanic needs to communicate with consumers to inform them of the state of the vehicle as well as tips and tricks for more efficient and friendly use of the vehicle.