How to get followers on Instagram

You heard that Instagram has your customers … but how to attract them, if you are not a mom on maternity leave, not a personal trainer and not a pretty blonde? You are, first of all, an entrepreneur. So is it worth trying?

Of course worth it!

Look at the accounts of Genius Marketing or Olesya . They are created to attract our potential customers – entrepreneurs – and move forward without any cheating, mass-trapping or mass-locking. All subscribers increase is organic. Want the same results?

Follow these 18 tips – and you will transform your account in the near future:

1. Create a clear strategy

Before you start attracting subscribers, determine what you want to tell them. Think over the main theme of your account and goals that you want to achieve with it.

Create a content plan for the next month. Write down briefly what you say in posts. See how they reveal or complement your chosen subject. You will clearly understand who your account is focused on and how you will attract targeted subscribers.

2. Explore your competitors

Next – find out what is already written on your topic. Find 3-5 main competitors and study them. Find out:

what is the situation with subscribers in your niche;

what types of content are popular and what kind of feedback they receive from subscribers;

the frequency with which your target audience expects the publication of posts;

how competitors interact with your potential audience.

Is it done? Use this information further and update it periodically.

3. Check out the profile design

Profile is the first and foremost touch with new subscribers. Therefore, before moving on, answer a few questions:

Do you use keywords in the name and login?

These two fields are indexed on Instagram, so think carefully over them. How do you want target subscribers to find you?

For example, we have the key word “marketing” in both the login and the name. It is on it that we focus on attracting subscribers:

Is your profile photo simple, clear and bright? Do you want to click on it?

Forget about the various inscriptions, because the picture itself is small, but in the comments it is reduced by several times.

Does the description reveal the value of your content to new subscribers?

Write a brief thesis, add emoticons, use this field to the maximum.

Do you have a single clickable link active?

Add the address of your site or profiles in social networks (LinkedIn, VKontakte, Facebook and others), as well as on the YouTube channel or a specific video. Update the link if necessary.

If you answered at least one of these questions ” no ” , it’s time to do a profile.

Post daily

Teach yourself to publish 1-2 posts every day . This way you will keep your existing audience active and gain subscribers. What kind of posts are they?

ask a question and connect subscribers to active communication in the comments, for example, in the following way:

tell your story or someone else and complete it with a useful conclusion;

share effective life hacking, which will greatly facilitate the lives of your subscribers;

Show me how your days go.

Post every day at about the same time. You can do it yourself or use automatic posting services, for example smmplanner.  In the  free version you have the opportunity to publish 100 posts per month.

The convenience of such services is that you can relax and not follow the time. Or prepare several publications in advance, issue them and be sure that your subscribers regularly receive useful information, even if you are not online.

5. Use catchy photos

When preparing each post, pay attention to the quality and conformity of the picture. It should  set you apart from many other publications .

Interest people to click on the photo and read your post, and then go to the page and subscribe. Take photos yourself, shoot everything that surrounds you, or share personal  images . Try to avoid long familiar photos found by searching.

6. Add hashtags

 With their help, your subscribers find you. Use as hashtags : interests and hobbies of your target audience, events and places where it happens. Write them in the comments  (and not in the ” body ” of the post itself) in order not to attract too much attention to them. Use popular hashtags, and invent your own.

Walk through the pages of your subscribers and competitors. Select those who respond to your target audience. Learn the hashtags they use and add them to your posts.

Also,  do not use#likeforlike #Followme and others, as they attract untargeted subscribers.

Check how to get likes on instagram

7. Add geolocation

Find out where your target audience is and add them to your post. If you are blogging about travel, mark the place you are writing about. Show your potential subscribers that you have the same interests with them.

8. Add text to the photo

Some catchy photos are not enough, there are already too many of them. And increasingly, people come to Instagram not to watch, but to read. You have 2200 characters in the description for the photo. Use them.

Try to fit all the text in the description. It is better to break the post into several parts, and do not post an additional 4-5 comments.

Remember that in the feed your subscribers see the first three lines. Give them special attention. You should interest the reader to read the entire text: add a call, ask a question, start telling a story and cut it off at the most interesting place.

9. Post several stories per day.

Instagram allows you to publish up to 30 stories daily. And this is a great opportunity to recruit subscribers. What is the benefit?

You can publish various cool photos and videos, while leaving your account within the chosen theme;

Stories are always at the top of your subscriber’s page, and they see them immediately after entering the application;

Publishing stories is not immediately a package but, for example, several times an hour, you are constantly closer to the top of the list.

Add labels, emoticons and stickers to a photo or video. Youcan also publish not just the photo just taken, but anyone in the last 24hours. Convenient, right?

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