October 5, 2022
How to become a reliable mechanic

How to become a reliable mechanic

How to become a reliable mechanic

A mechanic is a profession that can be said to have broad future prospects. For additional information, this job is very much in demand in Indonesia because of the large opportunity.

Especially for students who are graduates of the mechanical or mechanical SMK (Vocational High School) level. Not to mention the increasing development of the Indonesian automotive industry from year to year.

But you need to know that being a reliable mechanic and trusted by customers is not easy. There is a long process that you have to go through in order to earn the trust of customers.

Considering that nowadays there are not a few mechanics or workshops who lack qualifications or even dare to deceive consumers. The existence of a mechanic like this makes you have to be extra hard if you want to be a trusted and professional worker.

This is how to become a reliable mechanic

In order to gain customer trust and a good name in the automotive field, you as a mechanic must do the following.

Love the Automotive World

Do you like the automotive world, is it a car or a motorcycle? As a mechanic, having an interest in the automotive world is a must. Interest in motorcycles or cars is one of the things that will really support you to become a reliable mechanic.

Having a love for automotive will encourage you to put more effort into it. So hopefully, later your skills will increase and you can become a reliable mechanic.

Learn About Machines & Parts

One of the important things before you decide to become a reliable mechanic is to learn about machines and their parts. You can try to learn it directly using a private vehicle.

By using your own vehicle, you can gain more experience when it comes to repairs. You also don’t have to worry about the risk of repairs, or disassembly being carried out. Considering the trial items you use are your own.

Taking Courses or Training

Try to take a mechanic course, as you wish. Be aware that each brand of car or motorcycle often has the same basic features, but uses configurations that tend to be different.

Therefore, taking the course will increase the knowledge of each vehicle. With the course, you also find out how to repair solutions or how to solve them.

Updating Technology

Working as a mechanic, it does not mean you are separated from the so-called technological developments. Precisely by working in this field, you must understand better and always be up to date with the latest technology.

The reason is, a mechanic in his work will always be faced with new cases in the automotive sector. Not to mention, if you have to face problems with the latest vehicles. This is where it is important that you always update technology in the automotive world.


Have multiple certifications on different types of vehicles to increase your credibility! In the automotive field, good workmanship will also make you more credible.

You can do this by taking courses or training as discussed earlier. Which at the end of the event, the organizers will provide an official certification. Use this certificate to add to your skills and experience when applying for jobs.

Training at the Official Workshop

Increase your experience after attending a training or course. Through this training, you can practice automotive theory by studying directly at an official workshop.

Try to see firsthand an experienced mechanic. You can also gain knowledge about problems and solutions in the automotive world that you don’t get from theory. To know more about lifestyle society you can visit this site vegetarianorganiclife

Perseverance and Tenacity

When you try to be a good and professional mechanic, it’s certainly not only intention that is needed. But your tenacity and persistence in studying difficult issues is also important.

By having a tenacious attitude like this, of course a technician will continue to learn new things in the automotive world. You will also continue to look for what the root of the problem in the vehicle that makes it need to be repaired. This will keep the customer stuck in repairing their vehicle with you.

Maintaining Customer Trust

For a mechanic, customer trust is the main thing. Instead, keep their trust as best as possible by always prioritizing quality.

Because it is not impossible, they will recommend your workshop to people they know. Don’t let your customers be disappointed because of inappropriate service and quality repairs.

Never once disappoint consumers. Although trivial, this mistake can make your customers run away and choose another mechanic. Well, as a reliable mechanic, the quality of your work must always come first.

At the same time, you also have to maintain good consumer trust. Just like when you want to apply for a job in the automotive field. Apply the methods above so that you become a professional candidate and have the potential to be accepted.

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