Drawing on numbers on canvas and cardboard

A Review of manufacturers, practical tips for beginners

Like other types of creativity, drawing by numbers is a fascinating process that helps to disconnect from external

Vanity, to feel peace of mind and be lled with the energy of creation.

It will take a little time and on the canvas there will be a sea or river banks, connected by beautiful bridges, a

Sophisticated elegant girl or a golden evening sunset. Glare on the water will sparkle, emerald grasses will bow from the

Wind, distant countries and cities will attract with the magic of owners…

What is the secret of this magic spell colorings? There are no secrets here. Your canvas contains numbered areas.

Carefully and carefully you paint over these areas with colors exactly according to the numbers on the jar – wait patiently for a miracle…

Coloring manufacturers by numbers

Which manufacturer of drawing sets to choose? You will not and a denite answer in this article. It would be wrong to

Advise you. Choose your coloring on the plot (landscape, portrait or still life). Choose what you want to draw in the end.

And what you like more – to

Paint on cardboard or on canvas, with or without blending – you will learn only in the process of coloring. Performing

Works on different materials, you enrich your creative experience and get new impressions.

Painting by numbers can be bought on different bases – on cardboard and on canvas.

The leading manufacturers of colorings on cardboard are considered to be such companies as SCHIPPER (Germany),


In the SCHIPPER sets you will nd bright, original plots with colors of excellent glossy effect – you do not even need a Nishing varnish.

PLAID sets are notable for small details and are difficult for beginners, they require hard and patient work.

DIMENSIONS sets are characterized by mixing paints and carefully drawing details, which gives the nished work the effect of photography.

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