How That Boring Brown Box Became the Sweetheart of Packaging Industry

Like most things around us, packaging has taken many turns and has evolved greatly when compared with how it was a few decades ago. Rapid development and improvement in technology has contributed to all things getting much better and where the good old brown packaging boxes were largely regarded as being too dull and boring for the retail industry, new designing techniques has made them virtual sweethearts of the packaging industry where they are loved and admired by packaging providers, product manufacturers and end users alike.

This change of heart towards brown Custom Boxes from everyone has been caused by many different reasons. Some people actually prefer how they look while others like the fact that they are the best options when you want to ensure environment safety and longevity. Yet some product and packaging manufacturers appreciate the fact that these brown Custom Packaging Boxes are the easiest to make and are budget friendly as well, however, like most things, there will always be some who don’t appreciate them as much as others. Here are a few reasons that turned brown Custom Printed Boxes industry darlings that they are now:

State of the Art Box Designing

Gone are the days when you had simplistic brown boxes that were pretty limited in what they had to offer. Where traditional brown boxes also at times used manual printing using writings or stamps, today’s improved brown boxes are available with some of the most attractive designs on their own.  Whether you are need printed brown boxes for your pizza and food products or need cosmetics packaging with these, advanced packaging providers will get you exactly what you are looking for.

The best thing about these printed brown boxes is that they can have all your brand logos, names or even shipping stamps and addresses right on their surfaces. This makes them perfect for the shipping and logistics industry as well where their beautiful finish and added strength can provide users just what they are looking for.

Much Easy and Convenient to Manufacture

The other major thing working in brown box’s favor is its easy and convenient manufacturing process. These Custom Boxes use recycled materials and the whole brown materials can be put together in much easier ways than other types of materials. In fact, the manufacturing processed with many of these cardstock brown boxes including the thick corrugated materials that are some of the safest options for fragile products is so easy that people have setup manufacturing facilities inside their domestic homes.

Once you can get your hands on these brown box materials, making finished boxes can be one of the easiest jobs provided you are handy with cutting and gluing processes. A quick and easy DIY brown box can be molded and cut into any required shapes and especially when you are packaging non-commercial products, can be very useful indeed. For commercial bulk packaging, the process should be done on quick and efficient machines however.

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Never Ending Raw Materials

The thing with raw materials for all kinds of products in today’s world is that they are limited. However, on the contrary, keeping in mind that most brown Custom Packaging boxes are made from recycled materials that are not necessarily new stocks, brown packaging manufacturers will in theory never run out of raw materials. As much as first hand paper or cardstock materials remain being manufactured and disposed of, recycled materials like eco-friendly cardstocks and Kraft will always be available.

The other benefit these recycled materials bring to the table for product manufacturers is the fact that they are some of the cheapest to process as well. Because only seldom you are processing brand new materials, already disposed stock materials are pretty inexpensive to acquire and re-process to product brown packaging materials.

Best option for the Environment

Modern people are becoming much more aware than people of the previous century. Breakthrough of the Social Media is helping spread the good word about almost everything packaging including. People now understand the fact that eco-friendly packaging is the best option to move towards the future and is the only way to safeguard a bright future for generations to come. Everyone agrees to the fact that natural resources on earth are limited. It’s only a matter of time that we end up using all of them for our needs and make life difficult for future generations.

Eco-friendly brown Custom Boxes can ease out natural resources consumption by a great deal and when you consider the sheer number of packaging boxes used all around the world, replacing all of them with nature friendly materials can have a massive impact of the longevity of natural resources. Besides, when you consider all the unique and beautiful customizations options including material designs and printed finish as well, there really is no reason to use any other Custom Printed Boxes at all.

Creates a Positive Business Image

As people around the world continue to become more aware about the environment and how to keep it safe for everyone, the positive impact brown eco-friendly Custom Packaging can have on a product-manufacturing brand keeps multiplying as well. In fact some clever manufacturers also advertise their packaging to be eco-friendly and naturally beneficial for their products as well as the environment at the same time to get their products and brand name that needed goodwill among its users and customers. This has become far more than a marketing stunt now as people solidify their interest in safeguarding the future for natural resources.

Brown and eco friendly Custom Printed Boxes have become the most appreciated in the world today and that helps product manufacturers create a much better and trustworthy image in the minds of their buyers and customers. For new startups, this can make the difference and help them achieve success, as people will be ready to put their trust in their packaged products purely because of their efforts in making the environment a better place. Read this if you want to know more about how ecofriendly packaging is good for product manufacturing businesses.

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