8 Luxury Accountants to Follow

The accounts that share great photos and content are on social media, but are also followed by other corporate categories. We have compiled 8 luxury accounts that the travelers should follow

1- Beautiful Destinations

With its talented photographers, social media experts and a wonderful team of travelers, the Beautiful Destinations account, which succeeds in attracting the attention of global Luxury travel review companies, hotel chains and even public institutions in different countries, is one of the first unique accounts to be mentioned. With 8.5 million followers, you may want to follow this account that has a unique impact.

Aman Hotels in different parts of the world to gain more visibility and recognition of the unique photos of their hotels continuously to follow is also followed. In this way, the company is also working on a successful PR.

3- Bird Traveler PR

Bird, a British travel company, was originally established to share the wonderful hotels that customers can choose. But then the photos and sharing were so much appreciated that they put the social media management in a separate title and turned to this job only. You can see unique luxury hotels from all over the world.

4- Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

Especially for couples, this account shares luxury hotels, restaurants, amazing pools and meals from different countries of the world. Don’t go without seeing.

5- SOHO House

Being a member of SOHO House in different countries of the world, young people can spend unique time. When it comes to a great platform in so many countries, SOHO shares beautiful photos from SOHO Houses.

6- Small Luxury Hotels

Small Luxury Hotels A boutique that shares many unexplored luxury hotels in different corners of the world but not to be missed. In this account you can find more unique but small, romantic, but not easily accessible hotels.

7- National Geographic Travel

We all say that National Geographic, where he watches his documentaries excitedly and constantly, is a travel account. She would also recommend traveling accounts to areas of unique pleasure while watching the documentaries.

8- Departures Mag

This magazine, which is actually a social media account of Departures magazine, went far beyond a corporate account. You should also follow this account that offers a unique travel, culture and hotel concept to its followers.

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