5 benefits of emotional freedom technique and or EFT for stress, pain and more…

You must have heard about the emotional benefit technique or EFT and you might be in search of someone who knows it or can guide you about it. Here we are to help you in the matter as this technique is recently getting popular across the world and people from across the globe are starting to acknowledge the many benefits that it offers to the patients of anxiety, stress or any other disease relevant to brain.

This therapy was introduced in 1990s by a person who was called Gary Craig, he was very confident of his theory of acupuncture and its combination with medicine. During his research, he discovered that the stimulation of the energy points on the fingertips can make you feel free of the stress and pain. The theory behind this technique is that the energy in the body, either positive or negative, effects the functions in the body. Therefore targeting these points can help control the emotions as well.

Since the EFT or the emotional freedom technique is a quick therapy that can be done anywhere any time, it gives a lot of benefits as well. You do not need to go through a series of processes, medication, supplements or equipment. Let us have a look at the benefits that this therapy offers.

  • Helps reduce short term stress or chronic stress

A major benefit that you can get from this treatment is getting rid from stress whether short term or chronic. If you are stressed, your body would also get in stress and the functions of the body will gets effected greatly. Therefore a few sessions of this therapy will bring visible change in your response to stress.

  • Helps reduce muscular tension and joint pain

As described earlier, this therapy is not limited only to the emotions, it also helps you get rid of disease. The chronic health issues such as joint pain and muscular pain could be permanently reduced with the help of this therapy.

  • Helps improve quality of sleep

A lot of issues in the body are directly linked to the sleep problems. If you do not sleep well, your brain cannot work properly and hence you could get effected by anxiety and stress. With the help of this therapy you can sleep well. For more info, visit https://tankefeltterapi.dk/

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