15 hidden hints of sex in Disney cartoons that you haven’t noticed before

Very often in cartoons and films, the creators hide hidden meaning, which is not always possible to see or understand. But who would have thought that vulgar hints would be in the harmless cartoons from Disney. Take a look at our selection, and you will be surprised how much you did not notice in your favorite cartoons.


In one of the scenes of the cartoon, where the mice Bianca and Bernard fly astride a bird, you can see a naked woman in the window of a residential building.


In the scene of the cartoon, a skunk after a kisscartoon is poured with blood and becomes hard.

“Cold heart”

Remember the scene where Anna and Christoph rode the sleigh? He asked the princess about the size of her legs – she replied that he did not matter. And she said she loves faster.


Strands of the heroine’s hair, which she tied Flynn, resemble bondage, and the word “sex” is also formed from them.

“The Emperor’s Adventures”

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that Crone set up a tent in the lower body?

“Toy Story – 2”

This is how Buzz got excited in Toy Story when he saw Jessie the cowboy.

“Hocus Pocus”

Witch Sarah Sanderson jumps up and down, sitting on her knees at the bus driver. Children think that she jumps for joy when she presses the transport horn. But look at the contented face of the driver at this moment.


In one of the scenes, a centaur named Ness attaches to the girl Megare and gets horseshoes on the head. On the forehead of Ness, right above the spherical brow ridges, grows what adults did not consider to be a bump.


Some elements in the underwater kingdom of Triton resemble the male sexual organ.


In the kitchen, Lingwin said that he has a rat that helps him cook. However, he started it like this: “I have a tiny, that is, a little …”, and at this moment Colette, when she had not yet heard about the existence of an animal, looked at the cook with suspicion.

“The Lion King”

On the poster “Lion King” you can see a girl in a bikini.


Strange games of Cinderella mice when they collected beads.


If you look at the feet of the priest during the wedding ceremony, you might think that he has an erection. However, the creators said it was protruding knees.

“The Lion King”

The look of a real predator when she was with Simba.

“Mr. Potato Head”

What does Mr. Karto hint at after tearing his wife’s lips? Well, obviously nothing decent.

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