Which Cat Carrier Is Better?

Bag-carrying for cats will save a lot of nerves, both the animal and the owner himself. A good model is distinguished by its strength, the presence of viewing windows, sturdy fittings and locks, a stable bottom, and spaciousness. It “makes it comfortable” to everyone and costs not so much money. Of course, you can make a bag for cats with your own hands, but today I’ll tell you what choices zoo manufacturers offer us.

Cat carrying bag size.

This factor determines the comfort of the pet, so they should not be neglected. If carrying is needed for long journeys, it makes sense to turn to the most capacious options, when the size of the product is twice the size of a cat. So the animal can change position and turn. For short distances, you can take a container in which a furry friend can lie down.


The owner is also a person, so the carrying should be comfortable for him. However, it is not worth the risk and purchase the easiest options, making it easier to work. A big cat can tear a light cloth to shreds in an instant.

The reference should be the weight of the pet:

  • 1.-1.2 kg – for mass up to 5 kg;
  • 8 kg – up to 8 kg;
  • 5-2.7 – up to 12 kg and more.

Manufacturing material.

Solid plastic specimens behave perfectly when moving over long distances. Textile compact, easy to fold and help out with short trips, it is the cheapest carrying for cats. The same can be said about the my cat backpack.

Features soft textile bags:

  • Inside there is a built-in frame or dense walls. The walls should not sag, it indicates the high quality of the product;
  • Bona fide manufacturers reinforce plastic joints, while the design must remain flexible;
  • Welcome pockets, viewing windows, built-in partitions for the transport of two individuals.

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