Valuation Of Property

 In Krasnodar on a professional basis make property appraisers of the Krasnodar Territory. Property valuation is necessary in cases of property inventory, inheritance of property, contribution of a share in the form of property to the authorized capital of the enterprise, with write-off of property from the balance.

Valuation of property in the Krasnodar Territory is carried out in accordance with the law on valuation activities. Values of the property of the Krasnodar center have many years of experience in property valuation. Each valuation of property is carried out with the full responsibility of the appraiser.

To assess the property is made to visit the objects of valuation, photographing of property, property valuation calculations are carried out, market analysis is carried out, and a property valuation report is prepared.

The consulting group “DPLT” renders services in assessing the property of organizations. Our experts will perform the evaluation work in the shortest possible time. As a result, an official report is issued. It can be used when concluding a purchase and sale transaction, when applying to a bank for a loan or in any other situation.

This type of assessment involves determining the value of the organization’s tangible assets, as well as its liabilities. Any enterprise in itself represents a property complex used for conducting business activity. Land, buildings, equipment, finished goods and intangible assets – all this is the property of the organization.

Evaluation of the organization’s property is a multifaceted type of work. It is carried out simultaneously in several directions: it is necessary to assess all movable and immovable property, as well as intangible assets and rights. Not every appraiser will cope with the task at hand, it is better to entrust it to experienced specialists.

What does the organization’s property valuation include?

The procedure covers all the property of the organization used in the production process, all tangible and intangible assets of the company:

Administrative and industrial buildings, technical structures and other structures;


·         Telecommunication, engineering and any technical systems;

·         Branch railway tracks;

·         Railway rolling stock;

·         Car park;

·         Machines, machines and other equipment;

·         Production inventory used by the employees of the enterprise;

·         Debts;

·         Right of claim;

Trademarks and intellectual property of the enterprise.

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When assessing the organization’s assets, special attention is paid to tangible assets. Land plots in ownership, buildings, production equipment – all this forms the basis of the material base. It is necessary to take into account the synergy effect. Its essence is as follows: when the property of the enterprise interacts among themselves, the payment for it increases noticeably in comparison with the basic general rates of all objects.

·         When is an organization’s property valuation required?

·         Experienced appraisers work in DPLT. Our services are in demand with:

·         Conclusion of transactions for the sale of all property of the enterprise or its individual objects;

·         Requesting a loan from the bank;

·         Entering property in the authorized capital of the enterprise;

·         Registration of the contract for insurance of tangible and intangible assets of the company;

·         Specification of the taxable base;

·         Attraction of investments;

·         The registration of the company;

·         Appeal to the court for resolving disputes;

·         Conclusion of mergers or acquisitions;

·         Transfer of property to economic management or trust management;

·         Determination of the basic price of assets for participation in trading.

·         When assessing the property of an organization, we guarantee:

·         Use of effective assessment methods;

·         Prompt execution of the order;

·         Formalization of the official report on the results of the work done.

The preliminary cost of the organization’s property valuation is presented in the price list. Due to the fact that the property of each organization is unique and has a wide range of specific features, it is not possible to establish fixed tariffs. The exact cost of the evaluation is determined after a detailed examination of the object.

Center for Development of Industrial Technologies and Security of Enterprises SAEFTI. Evaluation of real estate and all types of property.

Safety Company, the management company consulting CONEX Group, established in 1998 by leading specialists of a number of appraisal companies with extensive experience in the field of business valuation, real estate appraisal, and damage.


Evaluation activities for a long time, is the main specialization of the company SAEFTI. The dynamics of development and work results allowed it to become one of the most promising and dynamically developing in the market of consulting services, as well as companies providing services for real estate, business valuation, and valuation of all types of property.

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