TUTO: Part 1: How To Stick Your Embroidery On A Painter’s Framed

We will approach the tutorial that many claim, since I use very often my method framing on Chassis painter (for the collections of Nenettes but now with this new collection coming from Colorisa!

Part 1: The Material

– Flexicolle or other white glue (for framing and cardboard)

A good pair of scissors

-1 brush

-1 fold

-1 flat stapler (forgotten in the photo :)))

And a chassis (bought by mr DIY this one), for this model take a frame of 20 x 40 cm.

Start by gluing your frame: always in the same direction, for my part I flip to the horizontal (from left to right)

Here is the frame completely glued, be careful not to stick in thick layer! the glue must spread out as if you are paint with diamonds art  on a wall, put too much glue is exposing it to it pierces your canvas … there is an embroidery must be careful! (Not too much need :)))

Your embroidery will have been starched if possible before (I find it easier to pose on the chassis, even if often I do not starve! I confess that it is better anyway)

Put your embroidery on the glued frame, and position it well by centering it.

For my part, I spread the canvas gently with my hands and then take my fold to put it on the frame.

Flip your book, the face is glued, it will have to finish the back.

Do not look at my hands are ugly! 🙂 At this point I flap the edges and cut the excess cloth that protrudes from the inner rod of the frame.

  • Which will give once the 4 sides cut
  • Glue the edge of the wand and a little bit on the edge too.
  • Fold and press well placing your canvas on the edge.
  • Leave the corners (we take care of that at the end!)

With your stapler flat, secure the canvas with the rod (am a little paranoid but I do not want it to come off!)

  • At this point you have glued the 4 edges! Bravo! :)))
  • The Angles: fold well on one side then fold down the rest of the canvas
  • Gruffer by pressing strongly to break well and mark your angle (its thick)
  • Lift up the canvas wedge and cut off the excess.
  • Go back once the 4 angles are completed :))) and that’s it!!!!!!!!!!

* This model is new and you will be offered in card once my finished tutorial! lol

Plunge your nose into the old buttons of your grandmother! And start to pick a few (if possible with 4 holes and dishes

Test them on your embroidery … (I’m weird I know but that’s when it becomes interesting)

Your choice done, let dry your frame and canvas (it takes 3 hours anyway) and wait for my part 2 which will be creative, personal and fun :)))

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