How to work well in music?

You start a new piece: there are some tips to follow to work well and not spoil your work session

Tips for working well in music

There are basic tips to apply when working on a piece of music. Some of the tips I will list below are obvious, others may be a little less, but they deserve just as much attention.

This list of points is of course not exhaustive, so do not hesitate to complete it with your own advice 🙂

Learn with a music teacher

Even if the technological progress is there and that one believes everything can do “numerically”, a teacher of music is in my opinion still necessary today. While many videos on the Internet are available, you can learn the piano or the guitar behind the screen but it does not tell you if what you play is right. In other words, it is easy to go wrong, to take bad habits and it is important to “rectify the shot” as soon as possible. Being self-taught is good but be careful not to take the wrong paths, to take the right methods and leave the bad, to work the difficulties as needed etc. etc.

A teacher will also bring you regularity in the work, will invite you to work pieces that you would not have chosen alone…

Needless to say, the teacher’s choice is crucial. Whatever the discipline, it is always true but in the field of music, you have to find the teacher that will suit you.

The good teacher is not the one who will play the best of the instrument you have chosen, or even the most fun. A teacher is above all a pedagogy, understanding, listening, a method and solutions that adapt to your problems. We can be very good musician and bad teacher, the opposite also exists.

A comparison among others: in football, it is not the best players who become the best coaches. So, before anything else, a good teacher is one who will know you, adapt and find solutions to help you overcome your difficulties. It will help you find the exercise, make you play the work that you are able to work on to get there. Your teacher is the one who will find the words and the arguments to encourage you…

As you can see, a teacher is not only 1 hour a week, it’s more than that and especially it’s a lot of things, details, elements that a video on the Internet will not bring you .

Do not believe in miracle recipes!

Learning to play piano in 2 months and 20 videos on YouTube is as achievable as losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks. Please do not believe the advertising slogans that can make you believe that you can learn to play an instrument in 48 hours. Even Mozart worked when he was (very) small!

Learning to play a musical instrument requires time, a lot of time, patience, perseverance and envy. There is, however, no age limit. You will progress, more or less quickly, according to your efforts, your qualities, your innate sense or not of the rhythm, the devoted time, the regularity and the quality of your work. As you can see, there are a lot of ingredients … Certainly, some will go faster than others, sometimes you will feel no more progress (the opposite also exists) and the main thing is to make you pleasure in your musical learning .

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Miracle recipes will make you play one or two standards of variety or classic: you will play one or two partitions by automatism but beyond that, not much. You’ll feel like you know a lot in a short time, but it’s not true.

It may be your goal (play a standard time in a short time) but if you take a liking to this experience, if you want to persevere in this way, then you must not forget what I just wrote that will remain true a good bunch of years :-). So work, patience, perseverance…


Obviously this is an essential point. You have to stay focused when you work and especially when you play a score. It’s best to give yourself 15 minutes each day of work rather than 45 going from the piano to your cell phone every 5 minutes. Book in your planning a time for this learning, cut you off from the rest (telephone, TV, book, your job, e-mails, children, animals …).

The quality of your work will be your success

You have to keep in mind that you have to have a critical eye on your work, well and bad. You have to look objectively at what’s going on and what’s wrong. For this, a teacher remains the best solution (see above in this page :), it will tell you if your learning is good because there is nothing worse than to take bad habits (I repeat myself, I know but it is so true that it is better to write it twice). In the latter case, it will be necessary to correct them later and to take new and better habits. So in the end you will lose a lot of time.

This is why online courses are good, but you need, at least especially at the beginning, to help you with a teacher. It’s essential. Then, when your experience and knowledge are of a sufficient level to self-manage, you can trust yourself. But if you are a beginner or if you doubt your ability to self-assess correctly, the presence and support of a teacher is highly recommended.

At the piano there are some difficulties specific to this instrument, such as the particular one of playing “hands together”: in your work phase, it is sometimes recommended to work the left hand and the right hand separately. This will allow you to focus on reading notes and setting up the fingerings required for each of the hands. That said, from time to time, do not forget to play hands together.

Work regularly

Better to work 3 times half an hour (Monday – Wednesday and Friday for example) rather than an hour and a half on Saturdays! You will only be able to progress if your work is regular, serious and assiduous. Your maximum concentration level may not be an hour and a half. On the other hand, 30 minutes of piano, guitar or any other instrument without being disturbed, it is “playable”!

Work slowly

You must always work slowly at the beginning to face the difficulties you have detected. Know that the difficulties of others are not necessarily yours. When you say work at your own pace, it’s not wrong but above all, work slowly and well.

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