This Tells Much About The Man — And The Power of Motivation.

Which is what has helped him rise over his turbulent past, and reward himself well for his success, too.

Mr. Hart says he’s no horologist, nor just a show-off. He jokingly tells he knows little (but we doubt it) about his “disgusting” timepieces, yet his main fascination lies within the endless creativity at work playing inside the tiny cage of a watch: “The effort watchmakers put into making something so unique,” he says. “That’s what I love.”

He loves watches, but for sure he is not a fool. He is very attentive in choosing models that are going to improve in value over time.

So, what is Mr. Hart’s secret dream as an actor and a watch aficionado?

“To have something that’s your model, that’s the honor of all honors to me. I don’t plan on stopping doing what I’m doing any time soon.”

So, the world is waiting for — say  – an Audemars Piguet “Kevin Hart”. And with the drive and motivation of this amazing Grown Little Man — as his first important gig tells us — we are pretty sure it is bound to happen quite soon.

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Kevin Hart’s watch collection

As we have said already, his collection is organized around four “cornerstones”.

Given the average mean price of each brand, though, it is pretty obvious that the number of the components of each is pretty varied, Rolex being the most numerous.

So, we are going to go into more detail about each brand Mr. Hart is focused on.


One of the most evident models on his wrist is the Daytona. He just loves Daytonas.

And he has shown a great deal of them on public occasions.

The watch gossip paparazzi have shown him wearing at least six different models so far: a 50th Anniversary Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Platinum with a lovely deep blue dial; an Everose Daytona, with its lovely pinkish hue; a very classic yellow gold Paul Newman, plus some other classic models in stainless steel such as the white dial.

But he does not stop here, as you would expect. His wrist has been graced by many other top Rolex models, like several Rolex President Day-Dates including an all-gold version, along with some unique Day-Date II models like the 18k Everose Gold Bronze Wave Dial and a very uncommon 18k Yellow Gold Baguette Diamond & Ruby Dial.

Another watch from the House of the Crown he has worn on several occasions is the SkyDweller, and precisely, the 18K White Gold Black Dial. This choice alone tells you that Mr. Hart values the total package: mechanical complexity and precious materials and finishings.

Focus on:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oystersteel — reference 116500LN

One of the key features of the Rolex models is the attention to the quality of the materials. Specially developed by the company, the Oystersteel — used for the case and the bracelet — is a highly resistant kind of steel belonging to the 904L steel family, which regular applications lie mainly in demanding fields like aerospace and chemical industries, where the maximum resistance to corrosion is fundamental. Oystersteel, apart from being extremely resistant, is also beautiful when polished, and maintains its exceptional looks even after being exposed to the harshest environments and activities.

The Cosmograph Daytona comes with the calibre 4130 movement, a self-winding mechanical COSC chronograph-certified movement precise to 1/8 of a second, which is entirely developed and made by the company in its manufacturing plants.

Rolex has always been a pioneer both in the development of the automatic movement and the use of antimagnetic materials to improve the timekeeping quality of its watches, so you won’t be surprised in finding the most state-of-the-art developments inside this amazing timepiece.

Its efficient design offers a reserve charge of up to 72 hours and features a streamlined architecture which improves its reliability and service intervals — extended to ten years, twice the current standard.

The watch sports a signature black monobloc Cerachrom bezel in ceramic with engraved tachymetric scale, and is water resistant up to 100 meters/330 feet, which makes it suitable even for casual diving. But would look equally perfect for the most important business meeting downtown.

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