Rice Purity Test For Alcoholism For Teens Is Back.

Our free online test for alcoholism by surveying determines the stage of alcohol dependence or lack thereof. Fair enough to answer 12 simple questions, then click “Show result.” Detailed decryption of received data can be viewed below. In order to prevent Rice Purity Test for alcohol addiction, it is recommended to take not less than once in six months.

1. Do you believe in the healing properties of alcohol?

Yes, in some cases;


And treated;

2. Have you ever thought to quit drinking?

I do not drink;

It doesn’t bother me, don’t want to stop;

Definitely stop drinking next week (month, year);

A couple of times doing it, but after a while started again;

3. You can drink more than a year ago and enjoyed it, increasing the dose?



4. How often do you drink?

Do not drink at all;

Only on holidays;

Not more than once or twice a month, but large doses;

Every day;

1-2 times a week;

5. You voluntarily went to a party without alcohol?



6. Family members at least once asked you to drink less?



7. In recent times the range of your interests (hobby) narrowed?

Regularly devote time to his hobby;

Time was not enough;

Don’t remember if I had a hobby;

8. If you get completely drunk, vomiting?


Before Yes, now is very rare;

Was never;

9. The next morning after the party lapses of memory?

A couple of times;


Almost always I remember what it was over;

I passed the sober days are hard to remember;

10. How would you rate your hangover (in points)?




Regularly a hangover in the morning, so don’t feel anything;

11. With a hangover, you have a headache?


Very rare;


12. Have you had binges?


Yes, there were (at least once);

Online Test Site: https://takericepuritytest.com

Stages of alcohol dependence

Prodromal (zero) stage – signs of alcoholism, no person periodically drink alcohol in the companies, while he rarely gets drunk before the loss of memory and other serious consequences.

At zero stage, it is easy to refuse from taking alcohol, without feeling mental discomfort. This is considered normal for a healthy person. But with daily use prodromal period enters the first stage of alcoholism 6-12 months’ males 3-6 months in women. On average, female alcoholism is developing two times faster than men’s.

The first stage is characterized by the appearance of psychic dependence on alcohol. Nearly every day the patient has thoughts about drinking, the mood lifted in anticipation of alcohol consumption. Sober, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction.

At the initial stage disappears vomiting in overdose, the person is able to drink much more than before. There is a desire to justify their actions. On average, the first stage lasts from 1 year to 5 years. Without treatment and limit the number of alcohol blends in the more running second stage.

The second stage – pathological attraction to alcohol occurs spontaneously, the ability to self-control plummets. In a drunken state, the person starts to behave in an unpredictable and even aggressive. In some cases, there may be psychosis and hallucinations. The second stage lasts from 5 to 15 years, gradually leading to complete degradation and loss of creativity.

The third stage is characterized by irreversible changes in the psyche, the internal organs (cirrhosis, hepatitis), and nervous system. Completely lost situational control – the person no matters the place, circumstances, and company companions.

The amount of alcohol consumed is reduced, but consumption becomes a daily or goes in binges. Develops physical dependence, which if untreated, sooner or later, ends in death.

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