Anti-Graffiti Films: Guaranteed 5 or 10 years- Residential Window Tint

The vandalism on the glass has become very widespread: whether in public transport, on shop windows, or even on street furniture.

We can treat these degradations thanks to the “vitrogommage®”. But above all we can protect you with the Vitroprotect® film: 100 microns thick for optimal glass protection.

Anti-graffiti / anti-scratch film: Anti-graffiti Residential Window Tint

These films consist of a clear polyester film coated with a layer of transparent acrylic glue of superior quality. The windows are effectively protected against the intentional scratching of the vandals. Its application in public transport and on external storefronts is particularly economical.

Security film:

At the present time, the Residential Window Tint of people and their environment is an unavoidable subject. Glass poses risks for individuals and can significantly damage buildings. By breaking, it falls into a thousand pieces, leaves dangerous traces and provides opportunities for vandalism. Very brittle, the glass reacts strongly to external stresses, mechanical or thermal. It is therefore important to give the security aspect the attention it deserves. In this respect, two missions are preponderant:

  1. A) Passive safety: protection against injuries caused by splinters of glass projected in case of breakage of ice.
  2. B) Active security: protection against the throwing of objects, break-ins, bursting or breakthroughs.

Insofar as the protection can certainly prove to be very powerful, but without ever being absolute, one speaks about reducing the risk of injuries and limiting the effects of the throwing of objects. Applying the films on the inside of the windows allows you to significantly increase active and passive safety in buildings.

Safety and security glazing films are designed to improve Residential Window Tint the impact resistance of glazed surfaces. The purpose of this use is the protection of property and people from the projection of glass debris. Whether it is annealed glass or tempered glass, the pieces of glass always have sharp facets that can injure.

Each of these types of impact is associated with a series of standards determining whether the glass will break or not and what will be the effects of broken glass. The characteristics and the methods of performance evaluation of these films are classified according to four standards:

The reaction to fire of a window film expresses its ability to contribute or not to the development of a fire. Various thermal stresses representing various phases of a fire are used to evaluate the fire behavior of the material. Several performance criteria are tested for classification by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB):


The energy contribution

The smoke character

The production of burning drops or debris

Do not wait for your windows to be irreversibly tagged!

These transparent films provide effective and cost- effective protection against vandalism such as graffiti, scratching and etching.

These films, once placed, are designed to allow easier cleaning tags. In case of attack with acid or claws, the glass remains intact.

City Council recognizes that the problem of graffiti is worsening in the community and has decided to take the lead in the prevention and removal of graffiti Residential Window Tint. The Westmount Public Safety Service offers a free graffiti removal service throughout the year. In addition, due to a significant increase in reports of vandalism, graffiti, and alcohol and other drug abuse in the parks, the City has a curfew in all municipal parks.

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