7. Visualize The Positive Consequences of His Diet

Once we have taken stock of what weight loss can bring as benefits, as proposed by Jonathan Bel-Legroux, a hypnosis practitioner ( hypnose-isere.com ), “we close our eyes, calm, and we visualize a large clear and realistic image representing itself in the process of living this moment of pleasure. Then, we zoom in on the image and we feel these sensations. When it’s satisfying enough, we open our eyes: motivation is restored. With the habit, you can repeat this exercise anytime, anywhere, even with your eyes open. Ideal for defusing a compulsion.

8. Encourage yourself in writing

“From the beginning of the Rapid Tone Diet advises Michelle Jean-Baptiste, we note on small colored papers the sentences that give courage:” You’ll get there “,” You’re great “,” Faced with the rock, the brook always wins […] with perseverance “… They are put in a jar and one is pulled every time you feel yourself giving up. “

9. Go to the dietetic kitchen

White fish, steam beans, yoghurt 0%, it does not envy, that’s for sure. So, we draw ideas from the experts of the Rapid Tone Diet cooking: great starred chefs (Thierry Marx, Alain Ducasse …) to those of the thalassos, all are put there, and it swarms with ideas! You can make sauces by mixing vegetables, prepare cakes by swapping cream for cottage cheese and sugar for apple juice …

Our selection of gourmet and gourmet recipes:

  • – Good, by Thierry Marx and Jean-Michel Cohen (Ed Flammarion)
  • – Cakes and sweets without sugar, by Philippe Conticini (First ed)
  • – De-Light, the slimming gastronomy of Patrick Jarno (Hachette edition)
  • -Rapid Tone Diet breaks, by Patrice Dugué and Pascal Pochon (Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo)

10. Surround yourself

We put his family (family, spouse, friends, colleagues …) in the confidence, so they do not scam the efforts by proposing sometimes a box of chocolates, sometimes a couscous at the local bistro. We can also team up with a good friend or her lover who needs to lose weight. And ideally, we are accompanied, by an online coach, a doctor, a dietician …

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Find your weight while remaining in a good mood in front of the pressure around you? This is possible thanks to small tips to put in place to po-si-ti-worm. Follow the advice of the coach, Valérie Orsoni, creator of the LeBootcamp.com program and you will reach your slimming goal with a smile.

I give myself achievable goals


First, it is important to establish the reasons that led you to make this decision: is it to please you because you are bad in your skin? Is it for an upcoming event for which you want to be on top? Or simply to decide to take your  Rapid Tone Diet weight definitely in your hand, once and for all. It is important not to aim too high and to choose reasonable goals.

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