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companion tea or coffee!

You can not stand your classic mugs and without real interest, you want to give a new life to your old mugs or you have trouble finding the model of your dreams in store? Customize them!

DIY recycle: customize your mugs

To renew its dresser and reduce compulsive shopping, we get his old mugs to customize them! An easy DIY that will please the whole family . Chipped Personalised Coffee Cup  can be reused as a flower pot, plant your basil or a small cactus. But before giving it a new life, customize a mug to change its look!

To customize his Personalised Coffee Cup  we choose what we prefer. Paint, varnish, glitter, there is something for everyone! Peas, stripes, messages, you can customize it as you see fit. But above all, let your creativity express itself!

It is a fast creative activity ideal to do with children. They will be happy to taste in a Personalised Coffee Cup  that they themselves have customized.

Customize a mug: an original handmade gift

You do not know what to offer for your best friend’s birthday or Father’s Day ? Here is a DIY at a low price and easy to achieve that will have effect! Your loved ones will be happy to receive a personalized gift, and will have a good time to have lunch or drink a cup of tea with it. They will start the day gently thanks to the personalized Personalised Coffee Cup !

For the material, we recommend porcelain markers, slate paint, varnishes for a marbled effect and why not knit a muffler, an original way to mix knitting and customization while creating a small accessory that will allow you to enjoy a good tea without burning your hands!

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