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Today the world is divided into two categories: there are those who are addicted to escape ocean of games, and those who are waiting to become so because they have not heard of it yet …!

So what is it exactly?

HintHunt offers you to live a unique adventure and out of the ordinary. Locked in a room with your team of 3 to 5 players, you have 60 minutes to find a way to escape! It’s up to you to find the clues hidden in the room and solve ocean of games  together the riddles that will allow you to escape! An unforgettable experience in which speed, logic, and team spirit will be your best allies!


Plastic pollution is a real problem today and solutions are starting to emerge in order to put a brake on it. At the ocean level, it is even more difficult than on land to fix it. What are the possible solutions for the depollution of the oceans? Is it possible, technically and economically, to recover plastic waste at the cluster level?


The purpose of this office is to describe the life cycle of plastic marine waste from its arrival in the ocean until its recovery and revaluation. We will therefore focus on the description and modeling of ocean currents at the North Atlantic Gyre. Then we will study two possible solutions to the problem of plastic pollution:

  • Recovery of plastic waste from the ocean and their recovery in fuel or by incineration. One wonders if this revalorization would fi nance the cleaning project.

The development of biodegradable bioplastics ocean of games  and more particularly of PLA (polylactic acid). We will see if this solution is acceptable from an environmental point of view.

  • COSTA Pierre-Mathieu, ENSIACET Industrial Engineering Department.
  • GAMES Delphine, ENSIACET Department of Process Engineering.
  • SCHIFF Nora, ENSEEIHT Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Department.
  • OLEK Pascal, ENSIACET Chemical Engineering Department.
  • ZHOU He, ENSEEIHT Hydraulic Department and Fluid Mechanics

However, plastic extraction in the North Atlantic Gyre would not be profitable. In fact, in the three valuation cases considered, the net present value (NPV) is very negative. However, a project is commonly accepted only when this value is strictly positive. In addition, the comparative LCA of the two revaluation routes – diesel conversion and incineration – shows no noticeable difference in terms of environmental impacts.

Downstream solutions are difficult to achieve, both from a technical and economic point of view, it would be more relevant to focus on an upstream solution, including that of substituting traditional plastics with biodegradable bioplastics ocean of games The life cycle analysis (LCA) carried out clearly shows that for plastics found in the marine environment, PLA is less harmful for the environment than PE (polyethylene) recovered and upgraded. In addition, we can note the importance of recycling in terms of avoided impacts for the traditional sector battlefield 4 ocean of games However, these results are to be analyzed with hindsight and a critical mind because they depend directly on working hypotheses, particularly as regards the biodegradability of PLA in the ocean.

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