Installation Step Of A Venetian Blind – Contemporary Blinds And Shades

The installation of a venetian stylish window shade and blinds takes place in two main stages. The first step of installation is to measure the window and essentially depends on the type of installation you have chosen. The second is common to all montages.

Take the measurements from the window

This is the crucial step to perform a perfect installation of your Venetian stylish window shade and blinds. So you have to pay a lot of attention. Measurements must be taken accurately so that there are no problems later. Each type of installation requires special measures:

  • Laying on a beating: measure a leaf and add 1.5 cm on each side. Thus, you are certain that the awning will cover the entire window.
  • Laying on a wall: Measure the height and width of the doorway and add 10 cm on each side.
  • Ceiling installation: measure the height and width of the doorway and again add 10 cm. Use a square to trace the measurement to the ceiling.
  • Laying in a doorway: measure the width of the doorway and remove 2 cm on each side. You get the width of your awning. If the handle or cream does not work properly, use the distance brackets.
  • The installation without drilling: proceed as for the installation on flying.

Venetian blind fastening

For easy installation of your Venetian blind, follow the detailed steps:

  1. Once the measurements are taken, mark them in pencil on the embrasure, the flap, the ceiling or the wall.
  2. Affix the mounting bracket and note the location of the screws, always in pencil.
  3. Drill with a drill and put the dowels.
  4. Secure the second bracket by doing the same.
  5. Re-cut the rail and stylish window shade and blinds according to the measurements taken with a hacksaw.
  6. Cut the slats in the same way with a slice cutter. This step only concerns PVC slats. The wooden slats do not overlap.
  7. Resize your store in length. To do this, remove the protections and untie the pull cords. Remove the weight bar and excess slats. Resize the cords and put them back in place just like the weight bar and the protections.
  8. Install your recessed awning on the mounting brackets. If it is a tab system, open them and put the bar down before closing them. If it’s a clipping system, clip it into the brackets.

Difficulty fitting a Venetian blind

Once your Venetian blind assembly is complete, you must test the blind to make sure everything is working properly. You will test the orientation of the blades, the complete folding, the opening of the window, but also if the stylish window shade and blinds does not rub on any side or that it covers well all the desired surface. If any of these checks are inconclusive, all you have to do is start over or make corrections.

To help you overcome these difficulties, Maisonentravaux has selected for you an explanatory video to understand the technique to put a blind. Directed by the do-it-yourself brand Leroy Merlin, you will find all the useful steps for the proper installation of a blind.

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