Minecraft To Mod: Flan’s Mod – Minecraft Military Mod

Horses, it’s good but how about an airplane or a tank? Flan’s Mod will meet your expectations by adding various modern objects and especially … vehicles!

minecraft military mod

Flan’s Mod

Flan’s Mod is a mod that dates from the alpha version of minecraft military mod: board a plane to explore the world or perform PVP games in a good mood with a gun. This mod was designed by Jamioflan and was very popular with the minecraft military mod community. Indeed, it is one of the rare mods to propose so many different vehicles (Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Robots, ect …)

minecraft military mod

minecraft military mod

Description of the mod: 

The installation of the mod is quite special because you will first have the heart of Mod which is Flan’s Mod. Then, you will need to install “Content Packs” that add specific items (modern weapons, planes, tanks, etc.).

You will find all the download links on the following link. minecraft military mod

Regarding the mod, the operation is very simple since all the crafts are available and explained from two specific craft tables: the  Modern Weapons Box and the Vehicle Crafting Table.

A very simple interface to create what you want.

You just have to test all the weapons and vehicles available, having previously installed content packs. Know that some planes have several places.

There is also another craft table: the Gun Modification Table, which will allow you to improve your weapons, such as adding a scope on a rifle for example.

Finally, the mod includes multiplayer controls to create teams to set up PVP games with friends. You will find the complete list of all the orders on the official site.

“It’s not my war my colonel!”

Important:  It is possible to encounter stability problems: please create a new part to avoid any worries.

Conclusion on the mod:

Flan’s Mod will ensure memorable battles between friends or revive the soul of explorer that lies dormant in you to discover the infinite world of minecraft military mod aboard your wooden cuckoo.

However, be careful because the mod can generate some slight instability: your party or the server will probably have some difficulties to manage as much democracy! I invite you to recreate a new part to avoid any bad surprise.

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