Amazon Item Exploration With Greg Mercer Of Jungle Scout

How could you come to offer on Amazon? and Why Private Mark?

Greg began with a normal everyday employment as a structural designer. Around 3 years prior, he began purchasing things discount and sold them on Amazon. As that got more focused, he changed to Private Mark items.

What is distinction between Private Mark versus Discount demonstrate?

Discount: purchase welk known brands from distributer, at that point offer on existing postings and pivot through the purchase box, which is regularly about the most minimal cost. 3 years prior that was alright, however it turned out to be exceptionally focused.

With PL, you claim the posting; since it is your item, you can legitimize work getting audits, decent photographs and so forth. Greg never did the Retail Arbitrage (RA) display since it isn’t adaptable. Greg was searching for a framework, not trading hours for dollars

Why create Jungle Scout?

The greatest container neck in Greg’s business was discovering more items. At a certain point he had a group of 8 VAs in the Philippines who might take a gander at thoughts, round out a spreadsheet. This is the point at which he made the Jungle Scout Chrome augmentation is the same as the VAs – rather than 30 minutes, it takes 2 seconds.

Greg was endeavoring to scale quick, so with a rundown of 200 watchwords, one individual (VA) could just overcome 20 daily.

What is Jungle Scout and how would you utilize it?

Two instruments: Chrome expansion and Web Application. (Chrome is a free program you can download)

Augmentation coordinates into program – look on Amazon, tap on JS catch – pop gives you the applicable information to settle on choices on items or deals. Information like value, the amount you nett after charges.

Web Application: Electronic programming that keeps running on the Jungle Scout review site. It has a few highlights – the most prevalent is the item Dat humble. It’s a remake of Amazon’s inventory for Merchants, as opposed to purchasers (which is the thing that is intended for), with channels with your criteria – for instance:

Deals: more than 300 a month; and under 50 surveys; valued over $20, under 1 lb weight” .


What are your criteria for item choice?

This is for the USA store yet a variety would work in UK and so on. For instance for catchphrase “Glass containers”-

Request: 3000 units per month of interest [on page 1 of pursuit results]. In the case of doing physically, include every one of the offers of “glass containers” (dispose of insignificant outcomes).

That is a decent number in the event that you are expecting to offer 10 daily yourself (300 a month) – which is 10% of the aggregate market. That is anything but difficult to discover however we need bring down rivalry.

Rivalry: 1 or 2 merchants in top 5 postings with under 50 surveys. Furthermore, in top 10 merchants, 3 or 4 postings with under 50 audits. This discloses to you it’s not very develop a specialty. In the event that opposition has several audits, you’ll see it difficult to contend.

Huge picture: it’s a little %age of all postings on Amazon – however there are 100s of A huge number of items on Amazon with the goal that’s a considerable measure of things!

Value: $20 or more. The littler the less complex the better-simpler for capacity and so on.

These are simply dependable guidelines – it can be great if it’s somewhat less request yet somewhat Less rivalry.

Each time I found an item I enjoyed utilizing the Item tracker, it looked hyper aggressive. How might I utilize the Chrome expansion to discover bring down rivalry items?

The best apparatus is really not the Expansion, it’s best to utilize the Item Database Online Application.

You can put in your criteria for items with under 50 surveys and min 3000 units sold a month.

You can do this with the Chrome Expansion. When you HAVE a thought, the Augmentation is the best apparatus to have.

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t as of now have item/Watchword thoughts, it’s not the best instrument .

In each classification it would seem that it’s great to PL. What are the other criteria for choice?

On the off chance that each open door looks great, your criteria for rivalry is excessively careless. There are huge amounts of chances with appeal however they have a considerable measure of rivalry. Search for something with under 50 audits in some of those best spots – simple to do with the Augmentation.

Just include the interest for important posting comes about. Dispense with unimportant hunts.


What are the expenses of the Chrome Expansion and Web Application?

The Expansion is for $90 or $150 (more highlights) one off expenses

The Internet Application at the month to month $40 level is useful for the vast majority yet goes up to $100 a month. There is a free trial – and you can discover bunches of items.

Are there plans to make the Internet Application accessible in the UK?

The Augmentation as of now works in the UK. The Internet Application will be worked for UK sooner rather than later.

In any case, UK or Germany based merchants still utilize the Internet Application for the USA to get item thoughts – you could then pursuit in the UK store and check that. A considerable measure of the circumstances you’ll locate a decent open door in the USA and it will be in the UK.

“There appear to be three schools of thought with item determination – 1. find and assemble a specialty brand of related items so you can offer again and again to similar clients, 2. chase for single hotshots/shrouded pearls, 3. gut intuition. maybe you find/develop an item you think would do incredible, or it’s offering in another scene and has no rep/history on amazon to give educated choices.

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