How Recruiters Evaluate Your Motivation For Interview


It is not enough to have a brilliant academic background and / or strong professional experience to convince a recruiter. You have to be ultra-motivated and know how to transmit it. Expert advice

1 – By estimating your knowledge of the proposed position

This is to demonstrate that you have worked “the target”. “The motivated candidate will have thought about how he will be able to translate his skills into the proposed job”, illustrates Véronique Benavent, talent management consultant. He will also find out who the team is, what the profiles of the different members are, and how old they are. It will also ask the recruiter about the company’s strategy, for example to counter the latest innovation of the main competitor. “All these questions allow the recruiter to assess the motivation of the candidate in the position to be filled,” said Wilhem Laligant, CEO of Randstad Executive, vice president of Syntec Consulting Recruitment. This shows that you are not applying to this company by chance.

2 – Evaluating your interest in the company culture

The recruiter will also look to see if you are planning in the corporate culture. For this, he will try to know your connections in society and more broadly in the sector. “For example, tell him that you have been in contact with a particular employee of the company for a few months. Thanks to these contacts, you have managed to “decode” the company and that this culture corresponds to your mode of operation and your values ​​”, decrypts Véronique Benavent.

3 – Showing that you are planning in the All job pk

Certainly the recruiter will be attentive to your previous results, but not only. To get your finger on your real motivation, he needs to imagine you working. So, concretize your skills. For example, make a proposal for a project or action. “Concretely mention the cycle of actions that you would implement to solicit a large account customer. With these details, the recruiter manages to make a “mental image” of the candidate for action, “said Véronique Benavent

4- By testing your ability to change quickly

If you are already on the job, the recruiter needs to feel that you will not hesitate to leave your current employer to take up this new challenge. So, if you are willing to step down rather than negotiate a conventional break in the employment contract or a layoff, say so. “In the current context, a candidate who takes the risk of resigning is an additional incentive,” observes Wilhen Laligant.

5 – By scrutinizing your look

Freshly descended from a TGV, you go for a recruitment interview in jeans and polo? Perfect, you will be comfortable in your sneakers but you risk to pass for a tourist. “From the waiting room, I look at the candidate’s dress code. Arriving in jeans for example for a position in management control is not a sign of commitment, “insists Véronique Benavent. She also noted that candidates who had made an effort to dress proved to be the most motivated in maintenance.

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