Independent Property Valuation

What are the steps involved in assessing the property?

The valuation of the property of an enterprise includes the following steps:

1) Conclusion of a contract for property valuation;

2) The establishment of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the assessed property. At this stage, the Estimator collects detailed information relating to the subject property. Data collection is carried out by visual inspection of the assessed property by the Appraiser and analysis of information provided by the Customer. The collection of information on the object of valuation is carried out in the following areas:

  • Property rights and encumbrances associated with the assessed property;
  • Location of the object of assessment;
  • Physical characteristics of the assessed property;
  • Information on the current use of the object of evaluation.

3) Analysis of the real estate market, as well as other external factors that are not directly related to the assessed property, but affect its value. At this stage, the Appraiser collects information on all pricing factors affecting the value of the property and used in determining its value. The collection of data on the assessed property is carried out in the following areas:

  • Macroeconomic factors affecting the value of the property;
  • The socio-economic situation in the area of ​​the assessment object;
  • the state of the relevant sector of the market, the patterns of its change and the emerging price dynamics for objects similar to those evaluated;

 Other valuable factors that form the basis of the result of property valuation.

4) Analysis of the most effective use of the estimated property. Based on the information collected, taking into account the existing restrictions, the specifics of the property being valued and typical ways of its use, the Appraiser concludes that the property is used most effectively.

5) Application of approaches to property valuation. At this stage, the Appraiser considers the possibility of applying to the appraisal of the property of three standard internationally accepted appraisal approaches: valuation, comparative and income, and makes calculations using acceptable approaches.

6) Coordination of the results of calculations obtained using different approaches and the conclusion of the total value of the estimated property.

7) Providing a report to the Customer for the valuation of the property and signing the act of acceptance of the assessment work.

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Independent property valuation:

Independent assessment of the property, perhaps one of the most relevant to date real estate services and not only. Neither individuals nor companies can do without expert opinion when solving a number of questions about renting, selling, inheriting, or transferring property for responsible use or leasing. Professional independent expertise will help to avoid many pitfalls, as well as resolve emerging issues.

To date, a large number of firms offer their services for evaluation, but do not need to trust the first appraisers, because the right choice of a company is a guarantee of quality and professional services. The advantages of property valuation in the company Soyuz-Expert:

Soyuz-Expert has extensive experience, in-depth expertise and all the necessary regulatory documentation to provide a wide range of assessment services;

Our highly qualified specialists guarantee the independence and objectivity of the reports provided;

Services are provided in full compliance with applicable law;

Competitive value of property valuation and related services with consistently high quality of work provided;

We are ready to ensure the release of the Report as soon as possible and in accordance with all customer requirements;

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