Evaluation Of Commercial Properties

Property valuation is a comprehensive and one of the most common and popular types of expert services today. In the modern real estate market, a large number of individuals and legal entities interacting in need of professional independent appraisal. Especially popular areas of real estate appraisal are:

Evaluation of commercial properties:

Housing assessment:

The company “Regional Assessment Center” provides services for determining the market value of real estate in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. Our company has a staff of highly qualified specialists who are able to effectively and accurately determine the value of various properties in the shortest possible time and with maximum accuracy. Our experienced experts can evaluate industrial, commercial and residential real estate, as well as construction in progress, social facilities and land plots. Residential real estate appraisal is divided into the following areas: appraisal of apartments, as well as appraisal of cottages and houses. Depending on the type of object and the goals of the customer, the cost of real rights is determined.

The need for an independent assessment of real estate may arise in a wide variety of cases. Appraisal of housing is most often required in the framework of a purchase and sale transaction, a will, a pledge, for a loan, a gift and in the process of resolving all sorts of legal disputes. Estimation of the value of commercial and industrial real estate is usually carried out for the purposes of investment planning, taxation, crediting and corporatization of enterprises. Evaluation of commercial, industrial or industrial facilities, as well as evaluation of residential real estate is the main and prerequisite in the process of insurance and lending.

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Evaluation of residential and commercial real estate is based more on a comparative approach, because how to apply the income approach is sometimes extremely difficult and inappropriate, the result can be distorted by a large number of assumptions. The cost approach does not apply to the assessment of built-in premises (office, apartment), and therefore it is a reasonable refusal to use it. The cost approach does not work in developed markets, if the real estate market is well developed, complexity arises in determining the income level of an entrepreneur, and however, it is he who is used to evaluate construction in progress.

Real estate valuation involves several types of value. There are concepts of market value (the most common type of determined value), investment value (determined for a specific investor), liquidation value (characterized by a forced alienation and tight deadlines) and cadastral value (determined by mass valuation methods, usually for tax purposes).

Market value is the value established according to FSO No. 2, which is described as the most likely price at which the valuation object can be sold on, having all the necessary information, and on the valuation value no limiting conditions are reflected. Liquidation value is usually lower than the market value and implies the value that you actually get when you sell an object in the shortest possible time. When concluding insurance contracts, the replacement cost is most often used, which characterizes the cost of construction of a new building in an insured event.

The final stage of the real estate appraisal process is the preparation of a detailed full written report on the market value of the object, which reflects a full description of all the features of the object of assessment itself, the approaches used to evaluate it, as well as all references, passports, documents, calculations, calculations and graphs used . The report is a voluminous multi-page document of evidential force that can be formally reviewed, including to municipal and state bodies.

Our appraisers will choose the best way to carry out the work for each specific case, based on the availability of reliable information and the specifics of the object itself. Contacting the Regional Assessment Center in determining the market value of the property is a reasonable solution for property transactions, as well as reliable price proof for all participants in a potential transaction.

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