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safe mode on download windows 10 iso

Another way to do this is to completely reset download windows 10 iso Update via a script that includes the renaming of the SoftwareDistribution folder , once the download script, just right-click on the file and run it as admin.

Download the winupdate.bat script at the end of this article More info and other scripts available by viewing the following article:

Reset download windows 10 iso  Update

Check that the SoftwareDistribution folder has been renamed to .old or .bak , otherwise do the previously proposed manipulation (safe mode)

4 – Uninstall your protection programs

If your antivirus is not Windows Defender, uninstall your antivirus using the antivirus editor uninstall tool.

Note: Simply disabling your protection is not enough

List of antivirus uninstaller

To uninstall Malwarebytes all versions use MB-Clean

Disable applications started at startup (from the ” Startup ” tab of the Task Manager)

To finalize, clean with ZHPCleaner

5 – Try installing the recalcitrant update in stand-alone mode

Autonomous mode is the manual installation of an update that is problematic in download windows 10 iso  Update,

Note: ignore the “Delta” updates

Delta updates are packages that only include changes from the previous cumulative update, so if you are already running a fully updated download windows 10 iso version that only misses this month’s fixes, you can get the delta version safely. If you skipped a previous cumulative update for various reasons, you must obtain the full version.

Once the update download to your PC, double-click on the file with the Microsoft Standalone Update ( .MSU) extension to complete the installation, and let it go.

More info by consulting the following article:

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