Magic tricks are alluring and can leave the audienceawestruck if performed with subtlety and finesse. But you don’t have to be aproper magician to experience such a thing. If you like to leave an impressionon people and become famous in your friend circle with some fun tricks, thenhere is all that you need to know about it.

The easiest genre in magicperformances is card tricks. Initiating your magic journey with some cool card tricks will be the best choice inorder to leave a mark and to stand out. Various types of magic tricks have beenperformed with playing cards by a number of magicians all over the world. Someof the most interesting card tricks are cardlevitation, floating and spinningcards, magnetic hand, spelling card trick etc.

The two main elements to learn a magic trick are practice and patience. No matter how easy the trick sounds, only constant practice makes it perfect. Lack of practice can leave you embarrassed and you will probably end up revealing the secret trick. Make sure that you are calm and patient while putting the show in front of the audience. Overwhelming excitement is not very beneficial to the health of your magic trick. Do keep in mind that knowing the secret is not the whole point. Only practicing it over and over again will enable you to stand out.

Performing magic tricks in front of a bunch of people is solemnly an art. A boring performer never excites the audience no matter how well he carries out the trick. Along with the finesse, cunningness is demanded by the magician to perform the task efficiently.

1.   Tips to success:

One should take care of a number of things while performing a trick. Here are some listed tips for the beginners:

  • The audience should be attentive as well as should be easily distracted so you can perform the trick at ease.
  • Don’t be very quick nor very slow as both of the phenomena can reveal the secret trick.
  • Sound entertaining so the audience doesn’t get bored.
  • Interact with the audience and try to mold their perceptions about magic through your perfectly executed magic trick.
  • Follow each step properly.
  • Do something creative that will help build your own style.
  • While learning a new trick, watch every step carefully and do it again and again to diminish the chance of mistakes that may arise.
  • The success or the failure is dependent on the hands of the performer. Performing the trick carefully and manipulating the mind of the audience can do wonders.

Magic remains a fantasy for many of us and a good magic trick always exhilarates and excites a person. A trick which is well executed and performed with certain sharpness always sets up the mood. Even if you are a professional magician, starting the show with a simple card trick can help you grab the attention of the audience and you can begin your show with all the eyes on you.

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