Why Buyer Personas Are Useful And Why You Need To Create Them?

In marketing, there is not a single tool that is as beneficial as buyer personas. This graphic representation of buyers is quite beneficial in saving time and money for the marketing people. To make your business run better, faster and easier, you need to create buyer personas.

What is buyer persona?

When a fictional customer is created based on data collected through researching markets and existing customers, then that fictional customer is called a buyer persona. A buyer persona is also somewhat based on behavioral patterns, goals, aspirations, and demographics. You can create the best buyer persona if you put in even more detailed research into it.

In recent times, companies have started to create as many buyer personas as they can so that they can target the specific audience by doing tons of research on their targeted customers. The following are the benefits:

  • More Accurate Target
  • Personalized Interaction
  • Cost-Effective

More Accurate Target:

A customer is less precise than a buyer. It produces a much narrow image of the audience when the companies create media strategies and messages, which allows them to promote their product or content to the people that are more relevant or in other words, their specific target audience. With the help of a buyer persona, you can accurately make decisions as to what that person might like in a specific product. For example, a children’s book is supposed to be targeted at children, but, it is actually targeted at children as well as their parents.

Now, by creating a fictional child and a fictional parent, you can easily identify what features are necessary for the child to develop an interest in the book and what features are necessary for the parent to develop an interest in the book. Therefore, you will have to make the book colorful and neat, with attractive fun drawings, and will need to put in content that should align with the parent’s ideals or morals. By using such techniques, you can easily target a more accurate audience.

Personalized Interaction:

By creating a buyer persona, you can easily communicate with thousands of consumidores potenciales, with ease. You can easily know what they might want, what they might need. For example, a man who just started his job would need a professional looking shirt to emphasize how professional he is. A child would like coloring books, so you can easily think of things as to what the child might like in the coloring book. Since children watch a lot of cartoons, it is common sense that you would want to make the coloring book related to cartoons that are the most popular in the last 5 years.

Hence, with the help of buyer personas, you can easily have personal interaction with your clientes potenciales. Creating a buyer persona can be extremely cost-effective. If you know your target audience and what they might be doing, you can easily get to them. For example, if young mothers take care of their babies, you would want to communicate with them by using social media or running an ad on the tv channel that is for babies. There are many benefits of creating buyer personas to tackle caracteristicas de los clientes. Therefore, you should create them to grow your businesses as fast as possible.

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