College: How Will You Be Affected In 6th?

Can you choose your college? A sector common to several institutions, what does it change? Are there any exemptions? The student sifts through the process of assigning sixth grade students through 5 questions.

Next year, go to college! In CM2, you may begin to wonder which school you will land in September . Know that your Assignment Writing Help depends on the school map of your academy. No choice, no wishes to make. Except in the case of multicolored sector or special wishes, just let yourself be guided. Explanations.

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  1. What is sectorisation?

In public education, pupils in sixth grade are assigned to a college according to their home. Each academy is divided into several geographical areas, also called “sectors”, which correspond to a college. Students are automatically directed to the establishment of their zone, in the college of their sector. This is called school mapping or sectorization. Unless there are not enough places, you will be assigned to the school closest to you.

Good to know  : every year, the school map can be modified. It is therefore important, especially in large academies, to check which sector you depend on. Especially in Paris, for example, the perimeter of a college can cross several arrondissements when it is justified for reasons of place, proximity or social mix and school.

  1. Can I choose my college?

You can not choose your establishment, except when your sector has more than one. This is the novelty of the assignment procedure since the autumn 2016, driven by the Ministry of Education and intended to improve the mix of colleges. According to the DEPP (Evaluation, Foresight and Performance Department), 10% of schools host more than 63% of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. To improve this distribution, several departments have embarked with their rectorate in a modification of the school map. Objective: to create sectors common to several colleges and thus to play on student flows.

If you are concerned, it’s up to you! Your school principal will give you a form on which you will rank the colleges in your area in order of preference. Your wishes will be filled in a software, called Affelnet 6e, which will sort the requests and balance the Assignment Writing Help  according to the socio-professional category of the families.

Only when the demands exceed the capacity of a college will the services of the academy scrutinize the wishes of the students. Priority will be given to children with a disability, then to those receiving medical care near the facility and finally depending on the place of residence. But the ministry assures: since the fall of 2016, no rectorate has had to intervene, requests balancing themselves.

Good to know  : 46 departments are involved in a modification of the school map, a total of 82 projects, aimed at improving the mix between colleges. To find out if you are concerned, click here .

  1. How to be posted to a college outside my area?

As for the assignment in high school , it is possible to ask for exemptions . These differ from one academy to another, check with your school or your school.

In Paris, six reasons for derogation are taken into account: being disabled, needing special medical care, being a fellow, having a brother or sister in an establishment, being domiciled between two sectors, having a particular educational background  ( high level athlete , for example).

Be careful, asking for a waiver does not mean that you will automatically get satisfaction. In case of refusal, you have two months to contest the decision with your academy.

Good to know  : among the special school courses include admission to an international section, a sports section or a class schedules . It is up to you to contact the college offering this training offer to know the conditions of recruitment.

  1. How do the multicolored sectors work?

In Paris, “in the most segregated academy” in France, “the discussions started in the fall of 2016 for an introduction in September 2017,” said Alexandra Cordebard, deputy mayor of Paris (PS), in charge of school affairs. Of the ten projects presented by the National Education,  three “sites” in the North of the capital were selected  : the first two in the eighteenth arrondissement (colleges Gérard-Philippe and Marie Curie  , colleges Antoine-Coysevox and Hector-Berlioz ) and the last in the nineteenth ( Édouard-Pailleron and Henri-Bergson colleges ).

These sectors will not all operate in the same mode.  For colleges Antoine-Coysevox and Hector-Berlioz, the method used is called “alternating rise”. “In the first year, all students in the schools in the sector will go to one of the schools in sixth grade, and the next year students will go to sixth grade in the other college,” explains Alexandra Cordebard. Once a foot in the school, students will do all their schooling. The second method is the more traditional one where the choice is left to the families between the two establishments.

  1. A risk of “flight” to the private sector?

A monitoring committee bringing together representatives of the academy, parents and the educational community “will verify that there is no privilege, except for reasons of derogation valid,” said the rectorate of Paris. Especially since some families are puzzled by this novelty and fear a “flight” to private education

“These sectors can be a success when all the actors support the project and when it is not carried out in haste”, argues Samuel Cywie, president of Peep Paris, a federation of parents of students of public education .

In the autumn, it will be time to take stock and possibly consider new multicolored sites in Paris. Including private institutions Resume Makers On its website , the Catholic Teaching of Paris stresses that its colleges “are already saturated and do not have vocation to be the refuge of families worried of this new device”, while wishing to continue its reflection on the mixity in the establishments. In Redon, in the academy of Rennes (35), a sector common to three colleges, one private, allowed “a rebalancing of the social profile of the institutions” “without leakage to the private sector”, according to the Ministry of Education. ‘National Education.

Good to know  : as often, the establishment of the common sector in Paris is accompanied by a change in the training offer in the colleges concerned, for example, the addition of German LV1, an English-language class Chinese and a sports section in one; limitation of the number of pupils per class to 25 and one additional CPE (primary education adviser) in the other.


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