Desolate – A New Horror Survival Game Available On PC For Free

Description: have you ever played a game with large open scale with survival horror elements? It is time you should try out Desolate – A new horror survival game available on PC for free. Stick to this post to get all the significant information about it.

Desolate 2018 game complete review on PC:

The game is set in a relatively large island where everything has been destroyed. Something bad has gone wrong due to the experimentations in the lab that has woken new breed of creatures that are up until this point are dangerous and zombie like men. Desolate game is set on a massive open world where humanity has lost its pride and only few survivors are remaining to discover about the horrific events that lead to these consequences.

Players who has played other games in first person mode, which are trending these days and this one brings something fresh idea to this genre by blending both survival and horror elements and give action packed experience which players were craving for.

What type of new horror Desolate brings with it?

You will see once you play the game. In this one the horror has been completely changed as it began with some paranormal activities and people have turned into zombies some are even disappearing and probably become shadows to reckon with.

How you can play desolate game?

Your main goal is to gather information and find what it takes to complete dangerous tasks to find out the past mistakes, but as you get close to the climax of the game it becomes darker and brutal that only few of you might be able to play it. It is game which is not for kids.

Which are the best possible control mechanics you can choose for Desolate?

In the beginning players will find hard to master the controls as it is not repetitive, but once you learn them slowly you won’t want to drop the controller from your hands. As you can explore this big open island filled with threats and other monsters. You will find great time killing them.

Desolate game features on PC:

The game’s features are very special and awesome. Some of them you need to unlock and some are already available to experience. But still you need to take a look at them such as,

1) Explore, ruins, military basis, top secret labs, and investigate

2) Battle with men, monsters, soldiers and many more beings

3) Up to 4 players can join the team and play online making survival chances even better

4) Train with your comrades and unlock new abilities like, stealth, craft weapons, and customize your clothing

5) Stunning graphics and visuals

Desolate system requirements for PC:

To play this huge and open world Ocean of games, first you need to see the system requirements to meet your expectation including,

Works with windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)

Hard Disk: 11 GB

File Size: 8.5 GB

CPU: Intel core i3 with 3.0 GHz processor


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